We are fresh, energy, ambition and hard work

Together, we create projects that inspire us

We are 10 young entrepreneurs with different origins;

Together we are Kovan, the hive where our imagination flies


The basis of learning

We create day by day, we absorb knowledge wherever we go.

The same way as the bees pull out pollen from flowers, we learn travelling, investigating and visiting clients.


We do not believe in frontiers.

We carry off learning journeys. Getting to know new cultures and ways of working. We expand our vision.


We believe in self-learning, we are curious.

We read books and articles, we investigate tendencies.

We form ourselves


We learn from our clients. The biggest source of knowledge is their opinion.

We love people.


The Team

We work together with enthusiasm for the hive, where we make our dreams come true.
Our diversity brings great value.
We believe that together we will go further.


Our projects

Bees create honey, we create projects.
We put all our effort, enthusiasm and effort, always based on our passions.

We work in different areas, we do not have barriers. These are just some of our projects, soon, in the following link you’ll be able to download a dossier with all the information of our main activity.




Have we surprised you?

Write to us, we invite you to know us!

+34 671 40 65 82